Renaissance Learning Videos: Historical facts about the people, events, and places in world history

Renaissance - Overview and Facts
Renaissance History Britannica: the Renaissance History of the Renaissance (Full Documentary)
History World: The Renaissance Beginning And Progress Of The Renaissance Renaissance History for Kids

Art During the Renaissance- Overview and Facts
Art of the Renaissance Italian Renaissance Art and Renaissance Artists
Famous Renaissance Artists Renaissance artists

Famous People of the Renaissance - Biographies
Famous People of the Renaissance Ten Most Famous People of the Renaissance

Entertainment During the Renaissance
Introduction to Games Played During the Renaissance Renaissance Games

Medicine During the Renaissance - Overview and Facts
Medical Practices During the Renaissance Medical Practices During the Renaissance

World History Topics Which Include the Renaissance to Help with Homework Assignments

BBC World History for Kids: Historical facts about the people, events, and places in world history

World History For Kids: A free online world history textbook. Brought to you by the KidsKnowIt Network

Eyewitness - History Through the Eyes of Those Who Lived It: Here is a ringside seat to history - from the Ancient World to the present. History through the eyes of those who lived it.

History World: Choose to read any History either in its Plain Text version (quicker to read, and you can print them out) or in Interactive form - an ongoing project covering major historical events throughout history.

History of the World - from Wikipedia

Info Please: World History: An annotated timeline of history with images - from the formation of the Earth to the present.

World History: HyperHistory: Over 2000 files covering 3000 years of world history

World History Timeline: To find out more about the history of the world, choose from the continents on a map to view a timeline with dates and a one sentence of what happened on that date.

The History Channel

The History Channel: Each month the History Channel takes new explorations into the past and puts them on display for you, utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology; listen to speeches drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the Twentieth Century. The History Channel Time Machine brings you to a different speech every day; trivia quiz; fact of the day; games

Educational History Powerpoints
Educational History Videos

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

The Biographic Dictionary: Covers more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day- SEARCHABLE by keyword

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

Who2: Find famous people biographies fast! This site also lists links to more information about each person. - SEARCHABLE by keyword

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