Architecture of Ancient Greece - Overview and Facts
Ancient Greek Architecture Greek Architecture
Wikipedia: Art of Ancient Greece Architecture in Ancient Greece
The Architecture of Ancient Greece Architecture of Ancient Greece - from Wikipedia

Art of Ancient Greece - Overview and Facts Video: Greek Art Greek Art Ancient Greek Art
Greek Art and Archaeology Greek Art - from Wikipedia

Astronomy in Ancient Greece - Overview and Facts
History of Astronomy - Ancient Greece Ancient Greek Astronomy

Greek Astronomy

Ancient Greek Astronomy - from Wikipedia
How the Greeks Used Geometry to Understand the Stars Ancient Greek Astronomy

Ancient Greek Cities and Their History - Overview and Facts Ancient Mycenai, Greece with photos
Ancient Argos - Overview and Facts Ancient Olympia - Overview and Facts
Ancient History Encyclopedia: Argos History of Ancient Olympia
Argos - from Wikipedia Ancient Olympia - from Wikipedia
Ancient Athens - Overview and Facts History of Ancient Sikyon/Sicyon - Overview and Facts
Ancient Athens Ancient Sikyon/Sicyon
Athens - from Wikipedia Ancient Sicyon - from Wikipedia
Ancient Corinth - Overview and Facts Ancient Sparta - Overview and Facts
Ancient Corinth Ancient History Encyclopedia: Sparta
Corinth - from Wikipedia Ancient Sparta - from Wikipedia
Ancient Delphi - Overview and Facts Ancient Thebes - Overview and Facts
Ancient Delphi Ancient Thebes
Ancient Greece History: Delphi Ancient Thebes - from Wikipedia
Ancient Mykenae, Mycenae - Overview and Facts
Wikipedia: Ancient Mykenae/Mycenae Ancient Mycenae

Ancient Greek Calendar - Overview and Facts The Ancient Greek Calendar

Ancient Greek Clothing - Overview and Facts What Clothes Did the Ancient Greeks Wear?
Greek Clothing Images of Ancient Greek Clothing
Ancient Greek Clothing Ancient Greece Daily Life: Clothing Worn

Ancient Greek Economy and Coins - Overview and Facts
Ancient Greek Economy Ancient Greek Money and Coins
Ancient Greek Coins Economy of Ancient Greece - from Wikipedia

Ancient Greek Education - Overview and Facts
Education in Ancient Greece Wikipedia: Education in Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece: Education Education in the Ancient Greek City

Ancient Greek Daily Life - Overview and Facts
The British Museum: Daily Life in Ancient Greece Daily Life in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Food - Overview and Facts About Ancient Greek Food
British Museum: Ancient Greek Gods Wikipedia: Ancient Greek Food

Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses - Overview and Facts
Greek Gods and Goddesses - categorized by category Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses - concise Facts and Photos
Wikipedia: Greek Gods and Goddesses - The Olympians Greek Gods and Goddesses

Ancient Greek Government - Overview and Facts Ancient Greek Government for Students
Ancient Greek Government Forms of Government in Ancient Greece

Ancient Greek Houses - Overview and Facts
British Museum: The Greek House The Ancient Greek House

Ancient Greek Jewelry - Overview and Facts Ancient Greek Jewelry (with images)

Ancient Greek Market - Overview and Facts
The Ancient Agora History Wikipedia: The Ancient Agora of Athens

Ancient Greek Mathematics - Overview and Facts  
Ancient Greek Mathematics Ancient Greek Mathematics

Ancient Greek Marriage - Overview and Facts
Ancient Greek Marriage The History of Marriage: Greek Weddings

Ancient Greek Medicine - Overview and Facts
Greek Medicine and Healers Ancient History: Medicine in Ancient Greece
Ancient Greek Medicine  

Ancient Greek Monuments - Overview and Facts Stock Photos: Ancient Greek Monuments

Ancient Greek Mythology - Overview and Facts Read and Hear Greek Myths for Kids
Greek Myths Encyclopedia Mythica: Greek Myths

Ancient Greek Philosophers - Overview and Facts
Ancient Greek Philosophy Top 10 Ancient Greek Philosophers

Ancient Greek Pottery - Overview and Facts Pottery of Ancient Greece with Photos
Greek Pottery Pottery of Ancient Greece - from Wikipedia

Ancient Greek Ships - Overview and Facts Ancient Greek Ship Images
War Ships of the Greeks with Photos Ancient Greek Ships

Ancient Greek Theater - Overview and Facts Ancient Greek Theatre
Ancient Greece Ancient Greek Theater Theatre of Ancient Greece - Wikipedia

Ancient Greek Wars - Overview and Facts Ancient Greece: Greek Military Technology
Important Battles of the Greek Wars Ancient Greek Wars

Ancient Greek Weapons and Armor - Overview and Facts Ancient Greek Weapons Descriptions and Photos
Ancient Greek Weapons Photos of Ancient Greek Armor

Athletic Games in Ancient Greece - Overview and Facts The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
Ancient Greek Games History of the Ancient Olympic Games
The Ancient Olympic Games Ancient Olympic Games - from Wikipedia

Information About Ancient Greece to Help with Homework Assignments

BBC Schools: Ancient Greece: Facts about AThens, Olympia, Corinth; Timeline and Resources

History of Ancient Greece: Informational facts about the History of Ancient Greece, Ancient Greek Religion, Government, Mythology, Sports and Games, Art, Architecture, Clothing, Literature, Economy, Food, Environment, People, and War

Ancient Greece Information to Help with Homework Assignments

Ancient Ancient Greece History: Easy to read information about: Greek History during the Stone Age, the Bronze Age, the Dark Ages, Archaic, Classical, Hellenistic; Specific Places include: the Acropolis History, Delphi History; Periods: Minoan Crete

Ancient Greece: History of Aegean Civilization, Cultures of Greece, The Cities of Greece, Aspects of Culture and People in Ancient Greece, Timelines of Greek History, Maps

Ancient History of Greece: A GREAT resource! Greece information, History of Greece, Greek Antiquity, Greek Mythology, Ancient Greek History, Hellenistic Period, Roman Period, Byzantine History, Ottoman Venetian, War of Independence, Modern History, Ancient Greece Map

British Museum: Ancient Greece: The Acropolis, Athens, Daily Life, Festivals & Games, Geography, Gods & Goddesses, Knowledge & Learning, Sparta, TImeline, War (Click on the TITLE found on each page to learn more about that topic!)

Odyssey Online: Ancient Greece:A COMPLETE INTERACTIVE learning experience! Explore people, mythology, daily life, death and burial, writing, and archaeology. EXCELLENT!

PBS: The Greeks: Journey back 2500 years to Ancient Athens, an discover a city that shaped the destiny of Western Civilization. Follow the stories of its greatest heroes and leaders, explore the city's wonders and monuments through our interactive maps and live Webcam, hear Greek as it was originally spoken and find out who you might have been at the time of the Ancient Greeks.

Wikipedia Encyclopedia: Ancient Greece LOTS of historical information about Greece; Greek Culture, photographs

Ancient Greece: History Facts for Students

Interesting Facts about the History of Ancient Greece

*Greece is located at the southeast end of Europe and it is the southernmost country of the Balkan Peninsula.

The Mycenaeans were ancient Greek people who lived in the mainlands. They were the first people to speak the Greek language.

The ancient Greek Dorians of were divided into three tribes: Hylleis, Dymanes, and Pamphyloi.

*Famous Ancient Greek Cities included: Athens, Sparta, and Argos, Corinth, and Megara.

*The Trojan War, found in ancient Greek mythology, was the most famous ancient Greek war, but there were two other famous wars as well: the Persian war and Peloponnesian war

The Parthenon was the famous temple dedicated the the goddess Athena.

*The Acropolis, also called the "Sacred Rock" of Athens, is one of the most recognizable monuments of the world.

*The ancient Greeks had many gods and goddesses and creation myths.

*Today's Olympics are modeled after the ancient Greek Olympics held in 776 BC.

*The word democracy comes from the Greek word, and means government by the people. Ancient Greece many different city-states, and besides having some democratic states, other types of governments existed.

*The Greek alphabet was the first ancient alphabet that contained vowels. The word 'alpha' and the word 'bet' were the first two letters of the Greek Alphabet.

*Ancient Greek architecture is still studied today as the Greeks were considered great architects.

*Slaves were a part of ancient Greek Daily life.

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