Classical Music

Classics for Kids: Listen to the Music; Play musical games, Learn about musical instruments

Sphinx Kids: Learn about Musical Instruments, Composers, Listen to instruments, and MORE


The Greatest 15 Compoasers

The Great Classical Composers: Top Ten: Learn about Classical Composers - Listed alphabetically and by era

Guitar Lessons Online

Chord Find: Find any kind of guitar chord; See the written chord, and listen

Learning Videos: Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Music for Kids


Music Downloads
Music Downloads MP3 Downloads Apple iTunes

Musical Encyclopedias

African Music Encyclopedia: Learn about African music by artist or country; Glossary included

Musical Instrument Encyclopedia from Wikipedia: Find out about almost any musical instrument ever made; photographs and description

Music Lyrics

Lyrics Universe: Search alphabetically, or enter artist/album/song

Lyrics World: Search engine for just about any music lyrics.

Music Museums

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Music Resources

Creating Music: A creative music environment for children of all ages; compose music; play with musical performance; music games and music puzzles

DSO Kids: A magical doorway to a world of musical fun and learning: Listen to audio, games, and MORE

Eric's Treasure Trove of Music: A list of musical sites by subject: chords and notes, intervals, musical instruments, musical notations, scales and modes, and MORE

Music Education at DataDragon: Online tutorials and guides to learning music - and MORE

New York Philharmonic Kidzone: Learn about the instruments, listen to the music of the instruments, interactive video, and MORE

Piano Sites

Piano Lesson Videos

Learn Piano Lessons Online: Free online piano lessons with online sheet music, and video demonstrations.

Piano Education Page: One-stop resource for teachers, students, parents of students and fans of the piano with over 250 pages of free information, updated biweekly

Phonograph Museum

Antique Phonograph Gallery: An interesting exhibit of photographs, information, and facts about early phonograph music; Listen to a song played on the historic phonograph

Popular Songs Throughout American History

American Folk Songs: American Folk and Traditional Music with Lyrics, and History behind the folk songs and ballads.

Educational Music Powerpoints

Educational Music Videos

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