Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Topics to Help with Homework Assignments

Enchanted Learning for Kids: Zoom Dinosaur: A COMPREHENSIVE on-line hypertext book about dinosaurs. It is designed for students of all ages and levels of comprehension Information about Dinosaurs, Anatomy and Behavior, Fossils, Dinosaur Classifications, and much MORE

Video: Learn about dinosaurs

Prehistoric Timeline

NeoK12: All about PreHistoric Animals Learning Videos

Dinosaur and Prehistoric Animal Topics to Help with Homework Assignments

Dilophosaurus: A Narrated Exhibition:Visit a very special account of the discovery and reconstruction of this dinosaur. The exhibit is narrated by UCMP's own Sam Welles, who discovered Dilophosaurus

DinoBuzz: Explore current and exciting research into the biology of dinosaurs. Were they warm-blooded? Why did they go extinct? Are dinosaurs related to birds, or are they reptiles? All this and MORE!

Dinosaur Galleries: Photographs and Facts

Dinosaur Tracking:Learn about tracking dinosaurs,facts and information

Dinosauria:Facts and information about dinosaurs of all types

Video: 10 Prehistoric Animals You'd Never Want To Cross/p>

Video: 15 Giant Prehistoric Animals That Weren't Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Eggs

National Geographic: Prehistoric Animals: Facts, video, information

Natural History Museum: Dino Directory:Select from an alphabetical listing, time period, country or by the shape and size of the dinosaur; 332 of the most well-described dinosaurs, including 1301 images

Nova: Curse of T. Rex: Explore the colorful cast of animals and plants that lived alongside the dinosaurs; Find out how dinosaur hunters know where to begin looking for fossils of dinosaurs.

USGS: Dinosaurs Fact and Fiction: Answers to some frequently asked questions about dinosaurs, with current ideas and evidence to correct some long-lived popular misconceptions

Walking with Dinosaurs: Photographs and facts. and audio files

Dinosaur Games  
PBS: Dinosaur Games for Kids

Educational Science Powerpoints to Help with Homework Assignments

Educational Science Videos to Help with Homework Assignment

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

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