Physics Lessons and Tutorials to Help with Homework Assignments

The American Physical Society - A Century of Physics: Timeline with Description

PBS: Physics and Astronomy: A descriptive physics timeline with facts and information

The Physics Classroom: An interactive journey through modern physics! Have fun learning visually and conceptually about 20th Century science and high-tech devices.

Physics to Go: An online biweekly mini-magazine, and a collection of more than 800 websites that you can search and browse. Browse by subject area: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics, Nuclear and Particle Physics, Condensed Matter and MORE

Electricity - Overview and Facts
How Does Static Electricity Work?

How Stuff Works: Electricity

Electricity and Ben Franklin Museum of Science: Theater of Electricity
Energy Kid's Page: Electricity Electricity
neoK12: Electricity Learning Videos Science Made Simple: Static Charge and Static Electricity

Energy - Overview and Facts
Exploring Science and Technology: Energy neoK12: Energy Learning Videos
Fusion Energy Education

Famous Physicists - Overview and Facts List of Physicists - from Wikipedia
Physics Central: Famous Physicists Famous Physicists

Gravity - Overview and Facts

Bill Nye: Gravity Video neoK12: Gravity Learning Videos
Newton's Laws for Kids - Video How Stuff Works: Gravity

Laws of Physics - Overview and Facts
Major Laws of Physics neoK12: Relativity Learning Videos

Machines and Simple Machines - Overview and Facts neoK12: Simple Machines Learning Videos
Bill Nye: Simple Machines Video What is a Simple Machine
Simple Machine Video Simple Machines Game
Simple Machines Learning Videos Simple Machines Facts and Explanations

Magnets and Magnetism - Overview and Facts
NeoK12: Magnetism Learning Videos How Electromagnets Work
Bill Nye: Magnetism Video Magnet Man: Cool Experiments with Magnets
Electricity and Magnetism How Stuff Works: Magnets

Motion - Overview and Facts

NoeK12: Laws of Motion Learning Videos

Amusement Park Physics: An Interactive Activity
How Stuff Works: Newton's Laws of Motion

Bridge to Classroom: Design a Bridge for an Earthquake Mechanics and Motion neoK12: Types of Forces Learning Videos
Bill Nye: Motion Video Newton's Laws of Motion

Optics - The Science of Light - Overview and Facts
Light Facts neoK12: Light and Optics Learning Videos
Facts about Light Exploring the Science of Light
Light for Kids: The Science of Light Light and Optics Types of Light Light - from Wikipedia

Sound - Overview and Facts
neoK12: Exploring Sound Learning Videos Characteristics of Sound Waves
Bill Nye: Sound Waves Fact Videos Sound Facts

Sport Science - Using Physics in Sports - Overview and Facts
Could Baseball Players Learn More from Physics Class Than Spring Training? Exploratorium: Skateboard Science

Games to Learn More About Physics Fun Trivia: Physics

Educational Science Powerpoints to Help with Homework Assignments

Educational Science Videos to Help with Homework Assignments

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

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