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Remember to bookmark and return to KID INFO often! KID INFO saves you "valuable time" and allows you to spend "quality time" by eliminating the chore of sifting through hundreds of search engine results!'s Parent Resources Page includes sites to help you become the Best Parent Possible: the best available links to Parenting Tips and Parent Resources including: Almanacs, Atlases, Encyclopedias, Movies, Calendars, Parent and Child Health, Career Information for Students, Hobbies, Quotations, College and Testing Resources, Libraries, Search Engines, Computers, Magazines and Books, School Subject Resources, Culinary Resources, Sports Resources, Local and Worldwide Newspapers, Music Resources, Television Resources, Dictionaries, Museum Resources, and Travel Resources, Current Events and Television News. You can increase child development by continuously presenting these educational resources and activities to your children, and in the process become best possible parent!

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