Video Resources Online A library of videos covers K-12 math, science topics such as biology, chemistry, and physics, and MORE.. Each video is approximately 10 minutes long, and especially purposed for viewing on the computer.

neoK12: Educational Videos reviewed and screened by K-12 teachers - EXCELLENT - Major categories include Physical Science, Life Science, Human Body, Earth and Space, Geography, Social Studies, History, Math, English, Fun Videos, and MORE

TV School House: Educational Films, Newsreels, TV Shows, PSAs, and Movies from the PAST. Nostalgic, well-organized, and another way to learn! Categories include: Art and Music, Science, Home Economics, Language Arts, Social Studies, Geography, Health and Safety, and Virtual Field Trip

Animal Videos Discovery Channel Dinosaur Central Videos
Arkive Monterey Bay Aquarium Live Web Cams
Animal Planet Online Educational Videos neoK12: Animal Videos
Discovery Channel Animal Videos Underwater Animals

Learn to Draw Videos How to Paint with Acrylic Paint Video Series
neoK12: Drawing and Craft-making Videos How to Draw and Paint Videos

Careers CTICareer Search: Career Videos

Computer and Computer Help
Learning Videos: Computers for Beginners

Diet, Food, and Nutrition
Nutrition Videos for Kids Fun Kids: Healthy Eating Videos
neoK12: Health and Nutrition Learning Videos: Nutrition Facts for Kids / Diet Videos
Geography neoK12: Geography Videos (Listed on Index Page)

Learning Videos: Dental Health Video Series for Kids Nova Body and Brain Videos
Health Tuber: Online Health Video Network Stanford Health Library: Health Videos
neoK12: Health and Nutrition neoK12: Human Body Videos (Listed on Index Page)

Nova: Ancient Worlds Videos neoK12: Geography Videos (Listed on Index Page)
Have Fun with History Online Videos Nova: History Videos
US and Government History Topics and Learning Videos History Videos

Home and Garden
Learning Videos: Flower Garden Basics Learning Videos: How to Plant a Vegetable Garden
Learning Videos: Home and Gardening Ideas HGTV : Home and Garden

Language Arts
Language Arts Homework Help from Discovery Education neoK12: English Videos (Listed on Index Page)

Mathematics Concepts of Math Learning Videos
Discovery Education: Math Homework Help Algebra and Geometry Learning Videos
Learning Videos: Math Homework Help Calculus and Advanced Math Learning Videos
Math Videos Math and Learning Videos for Kids/a>
neoK12: Math Videos (Listed on Index Page)

Music Lessons
Learning Videos: How to Play Guitar for Beginners Learn How to Play the Guitar
Learning Videos: Learn to Play the Harp Chords Learning Videos:mLearn How to Play the Trumpet for Beginners

Nova Videos Nova Online Videos

Science Homework Help from Discovery Education NOVA: Nature
Arkive NOVA Physics and Math
Biology Learning Videos NOVA: Space and Flight
Environmental Science NOVA: Tech & Engineering
Physics Learning Videos NASA Video Gallery
NOVA: Evolution neoK12: Science Videos (Listed on Index Page)
NOVA: Planet Earth Discovery Channel Science Videos

Social Studies/Geographhy
Social Studies Homework Help from Discovery Education American History Learning Videos
American Government History Videos for Kids
neoK12: History Videos (Listed on Index Page) neoK12: Geography Videos (Listed on Index Page)

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