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Art Powerpoints Art History
The Arts: Introduction to Art

Economic Basics Economics for Kids

Famous Explorers Explorers

Foreign Languages
World of Teaching: French Language World of Teaching: Spanish Language
World of Teaching: German Language Spanish, French, German, Italian, Dutch

Health Powerpoints Physical Education
Healthy Eating Human Body Systems
Nutrition Facts

Holidays Holidays and Festivals

Language Arts Powerpoints
Reading, Writing, Grammar Free Powerpoints for Language Arts Poetry
Authors and Books Reading
Best Children's Books
Children's Literature Reading Comprehension Skills
Book Reports Vocabulary
How to Write a Book Reports Figurative Language
Grammar Vocabulary Development
Grammar Skills Word Analysis
Literature Writing
Elements of Literature Concepts and Skills Guide to Grammar and Writing Skills
Writing Skills

Library Skills
Teaching Library Skills The Library

Mathematics Powerpoints to Download Problem Solving Powerpoints
World of Teaching: Math Powerpoints Geometry
ppst.com: Mathematics Number and Operation

Myths and Legends Myths and Legends

Native Americans Native Americans

Performing Arts
Drama and Stage Craft
Dance Music Through the Ages

Politics U.S.A. Elections

Science Powerpoints to Download
Energy and Electricity
World of Teaching: Science Powerpoints Energy
Science Index Electricity
Environmental Science
Astronomy Environmental Science
Astronomy General Science Topics
Biology General Science
Biology Human Body
World of Teaching: Biology Human Body
Botany NanoScience (Science of Little Things)
Plants Nano Science
Chemistry Physics
Chemistry Physics
World of Teaching: Chemistry World of Teaching: Physics
Earth and Space Zoology
Earth, and Space Animals

Social Studies / Geography/ History
Patriotic Symbols
World of Teaching: History Powerpoints Patriotic Symbols
Geography Powerpoints Government
US Government
American History
Ancient History U.S.A. History
Ancient History US States and History
American History US Geography
American History U.S. States and Regions
Famous People World Geography
Famous People Countries of the World
Native Americans Seven Continents
Native Americans World Geography
The Pilgrims and Puritans Map Skills
The Pilgrims and the Puritans Map Skills

Speaking and Listening Speaking and Listening Skills

World History World History
World of Teaching: History Ancient History

Powerpoint Collections
Pete's Powerpoint Station: Powerpoints listed by subject and alphabetically

Powerpoint Game Collections and Templates

Powerpoint Game Templates: Games were created in PowerPoint. Download the templates and modify the games to fit your curriculum needs.

Powerpoint Lessons and Activities

Powerpoint Templates for Use in Creating Educational Powerpoints

Microsoft PowerPoint Templates for School: An EXCELLENT resource; Microsoft Office Online PowerPoint templates include most school subjects: art, environmental studies, language arts, science, math, and MORE

Powerpoint Templates Ready Made Templates for use in creating powerpoints of your own

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