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Brainy History: Historic Events and birth dates that occurred on a selected day of the year; select the month and day

Celebrity Almanac: Includes information on show business personalities AND on high profile personalities in the arts, literature, sports, business and political fields; Celebrity birth dates, place of birth, first career break and most memorable career events and many other interesting details at your finger tips; and all of the data is confirmed by the celebrities themselves

Daily Almanac: Facts about everything - SEARCHABLE by month and day

Fact Monster: Almanac: Find answers in an almanac, dictionary or encyclopedia - SEARCHABLE by keyword

Guinness World Records: The most reliable of Complete Guinness Books References on the Web

The Old Farmer's Almanac: Today in History, Today in Weather History, Advice of the Day, Quotation of the Day; The home page can be personalized so that when you visit the site again, you can receive the weather for your city

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