Individual Native Tribes Including Alaska, Canada, the Caribbean, and North America (Listed in Alphabetical Order)
Abenaki Abenaki Indians
Abenaki Abenaki People
Abenaki Home Page Abenaki History

Aleut Aleut Culture
Aleut & Alutiiq Culture The Aleut

Algonquin (Algonkin)  
Algonquin Algonquin Indian History
The Algonquin (Algonkin) Indian Tribe Algonquin Indians

Apache Apache History Links
Apache Indian History Apache Indians
Apache History and Culture Apache Indians

Arapaho Indian History Arapaho Indians - Great Buffalo Hunters
Arapaho Indians Arapaho History and Culture Links

Culture and Heritage of Athabascan Indians Wikipedia: The Athabascan Indians

Beothuk What Happened to the Beothuk Indians
Beothuk History and Culture Beothuk Indians

Blackfoot Blackfoot Indians
Blackfoot Indian History Blackfoot Indian Fact Sheet
Blackfoot Culture and History Blackfoot History and Culture Links
The Carib  
The Carib Indians of Dominica Carib History and Culture Links

Catawba Catawba Indian Tribe History
Catawba Catawba Tribe History
Catawba History and Culture Catawba Pottery and History

Cherokee History Cherokee Indians
Cherokee Indian Fact Sheet Cherokees of North Carolina - a Complete History
Wikipedia: History of the Cherokee Cherokee Culture and History Links Trail of Tears Video The Trail of Tears

Chickasaw Indian Fact Sheet Chickasaw Nation Home Page
Chickasaw Indian History Chickasaw History
Chickasaw History Chickasaw Culture and History Links

Chippewa (Ojibwe) Chippewa Indians
Chippewa (Ojibwe) - Indian Fact Sheet Chippewa Indian History
Chippewa (Ojibwe) History Chippewa History and Culture Links

Chipewyan Indian History Chipewyan History
Chippewa and Chipewyan Indians of Canada Chipewyan Culture and History Links

Choctaw Indian Fact Sheet Wikipedia: Choctaw Indian History
Choctaw Indian History Choctaw Culture and History Links

Cahuilla The Cahuilla of the Mojave and Sonoran Deserts
Cahuilla Indians Cahuilla Indian History
Wikipedia: History of the Cahuilla People Cahuilla Culture and History Links

Chumash Chumash People
Chumash Indian Fact Sheet Chumash Indian Tribe
Chumash Indian History Chumash Culture and History Links

Cheyenne Indian Fact Sheet Cheyenne Indian History
The Cheyenne: A Complete History A History of the Cheyenne Indians
Cheyenne Indians Cheyenne Culture and History Links

Comanche Indian Fact Sheet  
Comanche Indians The Texas Comanches
Comanche Indians - A History Comanche Culture and History Links

Cree Indian Fact Sheet Cree Indian History
Cree Indians Wikipedia: Cree Culture and History Links

Creek Indian Fact Sheet History of the Creek Indians of Georgia
Creek Indian History Creek Indians

Crow Crow Indian Tribe History
Crow Indian Fact Sheet Crow Culture and History Links

Delaware (Lenape)  
Delaware Indian Fact Sheet Delaware Indians
Delaware Indian History Delaware Culture and History Links
Delaware Tribe of Indians History of the Delaware

Erie Erie Indian Tribe History
Erie History History of the Erie Indians

Fox Indian Fact Sheet Fox Indian History
Wikipedia: History of the Fox Indians Sauk and Fox Indian History

Haida Indian Fact Sheet Haida Indian History
Haida Indians Haida Culture and History Links

Havasupai History The Havasupai and the Hualapai
Havasupai Indian History Havasupai Culture and History Links

Hopi Indian Fact Sheet The Hopi People
How Stuff Works: Hopi Indians The Hopi Indians
Hopi Indian History Hopi Culture and History Links

Huron History of the Huron Indians
Huron Indian Fact Sheet Huron Indian History
Huron Indian Tribe History Huron and Wyandot Culture and History Links

Illinois History of the Illinois Indians
Illinois Indian History Illinois Indian History
Illinois History Illinois Culture and History Links

Iroquois Indian Fact Sheet History of the Iroquois Indians
Iroquois Indian History Iroquois History Museum

Inuit Inuit History
Inuit Culture, Traditions, and History Native American Tribes: Inuit
How Stuff Works: Inuit Indians: How Igloos Work Inuit Culture and History Links

Kickapoo Indian Fact Sheet Kickapoo Tribe of Texas
Kickapoo Indians Kickapoo Indian History
Kickapoo Indian Tribe History Kickapoo Culture and History Links

Kootenai Kootenai Indian History

Kwakiutl Indian Fact Sheet Wikipedia: Kwakiutl
Kwakiutl Indian Tribe History Kwakiutl Culture and History Links

Maidu Maidu Indian Tribe History
Maidu Indians The Maidu Peoples Past and Present

Makah Indian History Makah Tribe History
The Makah Tribe Makah Culture and History Links

Mandan History of the Mandan Indians
Mandan Indian Fact Sheet Mandan Indians
Mandan Indian Tribe History Mandan Culture and History Links

Mascouten History Mascouten Indian History

Wikipedia: Massachuset History Massachuset Indian History

Mattabeseck Mattabeseck Indian Tribe History

Menominee Menominee Indian Tribe History
Menominee Indian Fact Sheet Menominee Indian History
Menominee History Menominee Culture and History Links

Metoac History Metoac Indian History

Miami The Miami Indians
Miami Indian Fact Sheet Miami Indians
Miami Indian Tribe History Miami Culture and History Links

Micmac Indian Fact Sheet Micmac Culture and History Links
Micmac Indian Tribe History Micmac History

Mohawk Indian Fact Sheet Mohawk Native American Facts
Mohawk Indian Tribe History Mohawk Culture and History Links

Mohegan Mohegan History
Mohegan Indian Tribe History Mohegan Culture and History Links

Mohican Mohican Indian Tribe History
Mohican Indian Fact Sheet Mohican Culture and History Links

Mojave Indian Fact Sheet Mojave History
Mojave Indian Tribe History The Mojave Indians

Montagnais Indian Fact Sheet Montagnais Indian Tribe History

Navajo Home Life, Arts, and Beliefs Navaho Indian History

Nez Perce  
Nez Perce Indian Fact Sheet Wikipedia: Nez Perce History
Nez Perce Indian Tribe History Nez Perce Culture
The Nez Perce Indians Nez Perce Indian Indian History
From PBS: The Nez Perce Indians Nez Perce Historical Photography Gallery
National Historic Trails - Nez Perce Nez Perce Culture and History Links

Nootka Nootka Culture and History Links
Nootka Indian History Nootka Indians

Omaha Omaha History
Omaha Indian Fact Sheet The Omaha Indians
Omaha Indian Tribe History Omaha Culture and History Links

Oneida Indian Fact Sheet Oneida American Indian Nation
Oneida Indian Tribe History Oneida Culture and History Links

Brief History of the Osage Nation Wikipedia: The Osage Nation
Osage History Kansas Geneology: Osage Indian Tribe
History of the Osage Indians Osage Culture and History Links

Ottawa Indian Fact Sheet The Ottawa
Ottawa Tribe History Ottawa Culture and History Links

Paiute Indians of Utah Paiute History
Paiute Indian Tribe History Paiute Culture and History Links

Papago Papago Indians
Papago Indian History Papago Culture and History Links

Pennacook Pennacook History
Pennacook Indians Pennacook Indian History

Penobscot Indian Fact Sheet Penobscot Indians
Penobscot Indian History Penobscot Indian History

Pequot Indian Fact Sheet Pequot History
Pequot Indian History Pequot Culture and History Links

Pima Pima History
Pima Indian Tribe History Pima Culture and History Links

Pueblo Indian Fact Sheet The Pueblo
Pueblo Indian History History of the Pueblo Indians
Puebloan Peoples Pueblo Culture and History Links

Seminole The Seminoles
Seminole Indian Fact Sheet Seminole Indian History
Seminole Tribe of Florida History Seminole Indian Tribe History

Shawnee The Shawnee Indians
Shawnee Indian Fact Sheet Shawnee History
Shawnee Indian Tribe History Shawnee Culture and History Links

Shoshone Shoshone Indians - Northwestern Bands
Shoshone Indian Fact Sheet Shoshone Indians
Shoshone Indian Tribe History Shoshone Culture and History Links

Sioux Indian Fact Sheet Native Americans: The Sioux Nation
Sioux Indians Sioux Culture and History Links

Taino History The Taino Indians of the Caribbean
Taino Indian Culture Taino: The Spirit Lives On

Tlingit Alaskan Tlingit and Tsimshian
Tlingit Indian Fact Sheet Native American Tribes: Tlingit Nation
Wikipedia: Tlingit People Tlingit Overview
Tlingit Indian Information Tlingit Culture and History Links

Tsimshian Alaskan Tlingit and Tsimshian
Tsimshian Indians of Canada Tsimshian Culture and History Links

The Yagua Yagua Indians

Canada's First Nations Canada's First Nations

First Americans: Native American Ancestors  
Mysteries of the First Americans National Geographic: Who Were the First Americans?
Formative Period Paleo Indian Period and Tradition

Early Native Americans  
Anasazi Powhatan Nation History
Anasazi Powhatan Indians
Anasazi Archaeology Virtual Jamestown: Powhatan Demise of the Anasazi Indians Powhatan Indian Village
Anasazi, Desert People Wampanoag
Wikipedia: the Anasazi Culture Life as a Wampanoag
Who Were the Anasazi Wampanoag Indian History
Powhatan Wikipedia: The Wampanoag People
Tell Me About the Powhatan Indians The Wampanoag Tribe
Wikipedia: Powhatan Indians Wampanoag
Powhatan Native Language Wampanoag Indian FAQs

Indian Legends Indian Legends Index
Native American Legends Links to Indian Legend Sites

Native American Arts and Crafts Native American Arts and Crafts (listed under articles)

Native American Authors Links to Native American Authors

Native American Historical Events Timeline of Historical Events in Native American History

Native American Indian Chiefs  
Indian Chiefs and Leaders Native American Biographies A-Z
Great Chiefs and Leaders Top 10 Famous Native American Chiefs

Native American Languages Links to Native American Language Resources

Native Americans Treaties and Agreements First Peoples: Agreements and Treaties
A Long History of Treaties Indian Affairs: Laws and Treaties

PBS Online Videos about Native Americans

We Shall Remain: Videos include Native American Languages, Sovereignty, and Enterprise

Links to sites with SPECIFIC Information about Native Americans and Native American Hstory

Anash Interactive: A free, no advertising, award-winning website where kids can create comics and build stories, play games and puzzles; watch webisodes and download podcasts, all while learning about the Tlingit People of North America

Curtis Library: The North American Indian: Search for historical facts by tribe name

First Nations of North America, Central America, and the Caribbean: Links to American Indians web sites, official web sites of Native American Nations of Canada, the United States, Central America, and the Caribbean. Links to native Art, Culture, History, Institutions, Maps, Flags, Education, and News.

First People: A website dedicated to all First People of the America's, and Canada. This is a child friendly, educational site about American Indians and members of the First Nations - EXCELLENT!

Have Fun with History: Native Americans:Educational Videos about Native Americans

How Stuff Works: Native American History: Facts about Native American History including video

National Museum of the American Indian at the Smithsonian Institute: Various online exhibits about Native Americans and their culture

Native American Facts for Kids: Fact sheets about Native Americans in general and specific Native American tribes

Outline of American History: Chapter 1: Early America - The first Americans; historical background on the First Americans -- Mound Builders and Pueblos -- Native American Cultures

University of Washington History: Native Americans:A research guide to primary and secondary sources for Native American history

Wikipedia: History of the Native Americans in the United States: A complete history of Native Americans by Wikipedia


Native Americans Trivia

* It is believed that the first Americans in the Americans over 18,000 years ago.

*It is believed that as early as 30,000 B.C. the Paleo-Indians crossed from Siberia to Alaska which began their move to North America.

* Native American Nations today each have their own unique language and traditions.

*It is believed that in 1492 Christopher Columbus met the Taino People on an island named Hispaniola.

*One of the saddest events in Native American history is when, in 1838, the Cherokee Indians were forced to move to Oklahoma. The march was called the "Trail of Tears". Thousands of Cherokee died due to the cold weather and diseases.

*The last major battle fought between Native Americans and United States troops was fought in 1890, and called the Battle of Wounded Knee. More than 200 Sioux were massacred in this battle.

Native Americans who served in the United States Marine Corps were Code talkers. Their primary job was the transmission of secret tactical messages.

In 1924 with the "Indian Citizenship Act", the United States Congress granted all Native Americas U.S. citizenship.

Charles Curtis became Vice President of the United States under Herbert Hoover (1929-1933), and is the only Vice President of Native American heritage.

In 1968, the American Indian Movement, a civil rights organization, was founded.

Many games and sports played in the United States began originated from early Native Americans. Inherited sports include Lacrosse, canoeing, and tobogganing.


American History Calendar

American History Calendar: A calendar site showing American history in a unique way: through a user-friendly web calendar. Birthdays of important people in American history and important events in American history can be viewed; interactive - browse through it and display details on a specific person or event. A printer friendly version of the calendar is also available.

American History Museum

Smithsonian National Museum of American History Search Engine: Discover history through objects, photographs, interactive timelines: Complete archived collections - excellent!

The History Channel

The History Channel: Each month the History Channel takes new explorations into the past and puts them on display for you, utilizing state-of-the-art interactive technology; listen to speeches drawn from the most famous broadcasts and recordings of the Twentieth Century. The History Channel Time Machine brings you to a different speech every day; trivia quiz; fact of the day; games.

U.S. History Images

U.S. History Images: What better way to learn about and appreciate the history of the United States than through viewing the illustrations of artists from the last century and a half! The images are all in the public domain and are free for anyone to use in any way after viewing the Terms of Use. This website is a work in progress and new images are always being added. Present topics for images include: Life in the Colonies, Colonial Patriots, Native Americans, Native American Culture, The Age of Exploration, and Explorers

Educational American History Powerpoints

Educational American History Videos

Reference Sites to Help in Your Research

American Memory Learning Page of the Library of Congress: Historical collections of photographs, documents, motion pictures, and sound recordings about American culture and history - SEARCHABLE by keyword

Biographies of Famous People Both Past and Present: - SEARCHABLE by keyword

The Biographic Dictionary: Covers more than 33,000 notable men and women who have shaped our world from ancient times to the present day- SEARCHABLE by keyword

Encyclopedia Smithsonian: Encyclopedia Smithsonian features answers to frequently asked questions about the Smithsonian and links to Smithsonian resources from A to Z

Information Please: On-Line Dictionary; Encyclopedia; Almanac, and MORE

Who2: Find famous people biographies fast! This site also lists links to more information about each person. - SEARCHABLE by keyword

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